Orbit Downloader

A downloader and file-organizing program for Utorrent and Orbit downloads

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Orbit Downloader
Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader is a customizable download manager that you can run as a separate program or from within your favorite web browser.

If you download a lot of files online, Orbit Downloader is a versatile program that can makes that process a lot more convenient. Not only does it support files over the usual HTTP protocol but also HTTPS, FTP, RTSP and more. Orbit can download files one at a time, in batches and recursively from a website. It can also download videos from services like YouTube and music from Pandora. If you download from sites that expose archives over multiple files, like MediaFire and RapidShare, it can help with them too.

Orbit Downloader can run on its own as a standalone program. It has its own UI, which may be a bit outdated aesthetics-wise but works well enough. It features drag-and-drop and more. You can also run it as an add-on to your favorite web browser, and this is perhaps the most intuitive and convenient way to use it. It supports Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. As an add-on, you access via a tool button or a context menu and have access to the standalone window as well. Note that there’s no Windows 10 support—and there may never be—so Internet Edge is not supported. Despite no official support, the program does run on Windows 10 via compatibility mode.

What makes Orbit Downloader so convenient is that it combines all of your downloading tasks into a single place. With all of this in one place, you now have access to tools to organize and manipulate them, and you can use the Orbit download acceleration features across many different protocols. It enables you to pause, resume, repair corrupted files and download aspects of one file concurrently. It also has bandwidth management options so that you don’t saturate your connection.

While you can use Orbit to organize manually, automated organization is a powerful feature when dealing with many files. Tag downloads. Associate paths with tags, and then, Orbit will automatically assign those files to those folders. In addition to tags, you can automate organization base on file names, file types and other aspects.

Orbit Downloader provides many options that you can use to customize the program to your needs, and it even supports proxy servers. It doesn’t require a lot of resources or interfere with browser operation. One downside to Orbit is that it doesn’t deal well with captchas, manage account limits and so forth, so that makes Orbit a less-than-ideal option for many file sharing services.


  • Runs standalone or as a browser add-on
  • Supports most major web browsers


  • No Windows 10 support

Orbit Downloader was designed to be a powerful P2P file saver that is easy to embed within any Web browser. It provides one of the craftiest downloading mechanisms ever created by merging collective file sharing with individual data assemblies.

There are many cutting-edge protocols granted by the power of Orbit Downloader. It is meant to boost download speeds with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. It works well with blocked materials, and it is an excellent ally for unlocking protected content. With a profound algorithm that finely filters links, this program is intended to catch every possible download. As such, it easily dodges most defenses in a page's script. This is especially useful for connecting to banned videos.

There are also many benefits available from the ability to naturally import username and password information. People with memberships to sites with massive video collections can save them all at once without having to enter their credentials for each file. This dramatically streamlines the mundane elements of collecting media content online. Many fans of this software tout its skills for harvesting significant quantities of adult entertainment from the Internet.

An advanced tool known as the Drop Zone gives users even more speed. All it takes to initiate a download is the simple act of dragging links to this window. Filtration occurs automatically to ensure all external security provisions are bypassed. Once files are saved, the interface allows for easy organization and editing. If the chance to add links is not enough, users can also enjoy a built-in P2P search engine.

Other nifty add-ons include a speed limit gauge that instills extreme agility for downloads. A multi-thread utility also increases the pace of saving files by garnering several connections for a single file.

Unfortunately, the news about this product is not all glorious. Recent analysis has revealed that the software is contaminated with a Trojan. Confirmation of the virus was provided by esteemed scientists at ESET. Apparently, the program contains a deeply buried script that slyly tricks computers into participating in DDOS attacks against websites. Because millions of users regularly rely on this program, this means that servers can be crippled when the secret strike clause is triggered.

Despite this clear danger, the virus remained undetected for quite some time. In fact, this has been reported as one of the most discrete computer infections in a generation. No one knows how long the hidden function has been in place, and it is uncertain how the hazardous coding was inserted in the first place. Whether it was created by the developers or hackers, it's safe to say that this program has become unsafe. Luckily, many other nearly identical rivals have risen to safely fill the void.


  • Works with all browsers
  • Uncovers protected material
  • Uses P2P to throttle speeds


  • Trojan virus buried in the code
  • Hogs bandwidth
  • Allows for obsessive downloading

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